Woman of
the Year


An award is presented at the Annual Meeting to the woman whose conduct exemplifies the highest standards, personally and professionally, while active in a full-time career. This woman is not complacent with her growth, but continues her education and development in all facets of her life.  She is recognized by her professional peers as having achieved success in her field through her efforts and perseverance.  She is also recognized as a woman whose quest, personally and professionally, serves as an inspiration to others.  She also continually goes out of her way to help and mentor other women.  She demonstrates selfless contributions of kindness, time and energy so that others may succeed; sharing information and ideas as well as networking on behalf of women.


Describe how your candidate fits this definition by completing the enclosed nomination form.  In many cases, those making the selection for this award will not know the candidate as well as the person making the nomination.  It is, therefore, very important that the nomination be presented conveying the feelings of the nominator about the candidate. It may be advantageous to seek the assistance of someone with good writing skills, if those are not possessed by the nominator.


Candidates are required to be members. Selection will be made by the Executive Committee of each Chapter’s Board. Members of the Executive Committee are not eligible to be considered.  The Chapter may or may not have a nominee for this award each year.  Questions may be directed to each Chapter’s Executive Committee.

Download the pdf form below.

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